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7 reasons why Trump should win the Presidency election

7 reasons why Trump should win the Presidency election

  • Update Time : Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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7 reasons why Trump should win the Presidency election
7 reasons why Trump should win the Presidency election

MarketDeal24.Com – Even though Joe Biden is currently ahead in the polls, everyone knows that the real game is yet to come. In 2016, Donald Trump surprised everyone by defeating Hillary Clinton and became the President of the United States. This time too, Donald Trump can win by showing his thumb to the election polls. The following are seven reasons why Donald Trump may win this election:

1. Improvements in the stock market

In the last four years, President Donald Trump has been very successful in pushing up the stock market, which has led to their economic recovery. It is universally acknowledged that the rise of the Dow means the growth of the American economy.

Trump has the power to repair the damage to the US economy caused by the corona virus through V-shaped recovery, which will allow him to disprove allegations of corona and economic failure. That’s why Trump’s main goal is to keep the market close to a record high, which will help him win the election.

2. Huge improvement in the October pay-roll

The last employment report before the election will be published on November 2. Voters, like investors, are always subject to recent results. Assessing their current situation shows that their decision literally depends on the last thing they see or hear.

A very strong employment report could reverse Trump’s last-minute decision. Voters already believe by a significant margin that Republicans are good at managing the economy, so a strong return to Labor data could be the ultimate catalyst for Trump to win the election.

3. Suppression of ethnic chaos

There were massive protests in the United States in early summer, especially when it came to racial discrimination. Protests following the death of George Floyd sparked national outcry as well as global outrage, even leading to anarchy and looting in several urban areas. Although a small portion of the protesters was violent, Donald Trump successfully demonstrated that ANTIFA is an armed organization like Al Qaeda.

The law-and-order message, as hacked, proves incredibly good with middle-class suburban cities that fear social property instability as their property values ​​decline. That’s why if Trump can bait protesters in threatening clashes, the first tendency of voters should be to look for a leader who can protect his home and their safety rather than someone who can heal the division with Trump’s adversity.

Through law enforcement messages, social unrest in middle-class cities is incredibly reduced and the middle class regains the security of their property. Demonstrators stopped the crime out of fear of Trump’s threats. American voters want a leader who can give them the security of their property and home, which Trump has shown.

4. Early Corona vaccine

The corona vaccine has become the largest scientific project in recent years. Currently, more than 40 companies are working to bring the vaccine to market. It usually takes several years for a vaccine to develop to ensure its safety and acceptability.

This process is now reduced to a few months or weeks. Clearly, safety concerns will be public, and already New York Governor Cuomo has expressed doubts about the safety of any vaccine that has come out of the CDC, and has so far said that scientists in his state will review any federally proposed product. Still, a vaccine before the election would work for Trump and act as a catalyst for Trump to win the election.

5. Florida, Florida, Florida

Make as many jokes as you like about the Florida Man, but admit that the Sunshine State has become a smaller America. From the conservative Bible belt of Central Florida to the multi-ethnic city and the cosmic Gold Coast, the designated moderate state of Jacksonville and Tallahassee represents the best and worst of all America. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, Florida is a political base not only for its population but also for its 29 delegates who can change the outcome of an entire election.

Trump has made Florida a key area of ​​his support. He visits the state almost every week and stays at his resort in Mar Largo. He also enjoyed the support of the state’s Republican Governor Ron Desantis who thinks Republicans are doing their utmost to improve Florida.

6. Conflict over mail-in ballot

Mail-in voting, a seemingly neutral process that has been working for decades without any problems, has suddenly become a huge flashpoint in this election. Despite the state of Colorado voting by mail for many years, President Trump has raised doubts about the legitimacy of the mail-in ballot process. The President himself will vote on the absentee ballot which is actually a mail-in ballot. Whatever the hypocrisy and shameless vote suppression, Trump’s bet can work.

Meanwhile, the balloting process is going to be deliberately confusing. Pennsylvania voters have been warned to make sure they are legitimate.

7. Trump unwilling to leave the Supreme Court

The final reason is probably the biggest possibility. Trump has repeatedly said that he will only accept the results that will make him the winner of the presidency. Therefore, he could refuse to recognize Biden’s leadership, which could come from the mail-in ballot and sue the Supreme Court to suspend the election count.

If Trump could have put Amy Connie Barrett in the Supreme Court before the election, he would have had a judicial majority that would have legitimized his every move, the voting process would then be a very minor matter and the judicial process would control everything.

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