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Economic Calendar | 5 Most Important Things for This Week

Economic Calendar | 5 Most Important Things for This Week

  • Update Time : Sunday, March 15, 2020
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Economic Calendar | 5 Most Important Things for This Week
Economic Calendar | 5 Most Important Things for This Week

MarketDeal24.Com – After a frenzied week of Coronavirus headlines, the coming week seems no different. Governments and central banks across the country are suppose to keep focusing on tackling this deadly virus which is spreading across the globe like a wildfire. Market’s expectations from the Federal Reserve, the US central bank is that it will cut its target interest rate near to zero. Officials of other important central monetary authorities like Bank of Japan, Swiss National Bank, and Russian central bank are scheduled to gather to discuss their policy response. Finance Ministers of different European Union member-nations are also supposed to discuss the ongoing epidemic.

Here are five most important things that we believe are going to set the theme for the upcoming week and those are listed below in details.

Federal Reserve Rate Cut

Federal Reserve Systems, the central bank of the United States is supposed to meet again this Wednesday to discuss its policy response to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic.

Market is expecting a possible rate cut by 25 basis points. With financial markets predicting policymakers will be forced to cut to zero by April to stimulate the economy.

Central Bank Headaches

Central banks from across the globe are also supposed to meet to discuss the monetary policy for the coming days. Switzerland’s central bank, Swiss National Bank (SNB), Japan’s Bank of Japan (BoJ) is also scheduled to gather together to carve out a policy-response.

The main focus for the SNB will be whether its regular interventions to push down the Swiss franc are still feasible without lowering its interest rates even further.

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is also expected to loose its monetary policy to cushion the economic decline from the coronavirus pandemic and boost up business confidence in the world’s third-largest economy.

Volatility in The Market will Continue

Price volatility across different markets of globe is supposed to be there. Responding to any bit of new fact that might make its way into the market.

U.S. President Donald Trump has declared state of emergency on Friday. The U.S. has recorded more than 2,000 infections and 50 casualties but has been censored for slow testing.

EU Finance Ministers are Scheduled to Meet as Well

Finance Ministers from different member-states from across the European Union (EU) are scheduled to meet to discuss the situation and the way out on Monday.

But their meet this time will be via a video conference rather than being physically present in a spot.

On the other hand, France and Spain has also imposed their nation-wide lockdown in tune with Italy, the badly hit country in the entire Europe.

Economic Data

Among the headlines related to this Coronavirus epidemic, a barrage of data related to different economies are also making their way into public this week.

For example China, world’s second largest economy will release its industrial production, retail sector sales and fixed asset investment report on Monday, the first working day of the week.

The industrial activity data for the United States for the month of February will also be there in public. Nation’s retail sales data will come out shortly. Whereas Germany’s ZEW investor confidence index will also be published this week.

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