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Boris Johnson is to form an anti-racism commission

Boris Johnson is to form an anti-racism commission

  • Update Time : Monday, June 15, 2020
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Boris Johnson is to form an anti-racism commission
Boris Johnson is to form an anti-racism commission

MarketDeal24.Com – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a cross-government commission will now monitor racism and discrimination against minorities in different sectors like education, health and the criminal justice system.

Boris said as a PM he could not ignore the power of the thousands of people who have protested in Britain since Police killed an African-American citizen named George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.

Johnson said on Sunday, “I really want to change the present situation. So we can able to stop the idea of racism and discrimination forever.”

Johnson added that We have to be very careful and act strictly that people do not face racism and discrimination.”

But Simon Woolley, advisory chairman of the UK government’s Race Disability Unit, said some of Johnson’s language was unhealthy when it came to victims’ feelings.

He told BBC Radio that Great Britain’s ‘Great’ slavery and colonialism were predicted long ago, and we are still living with its legacy.

A few days ago, protesters in the southwestern port city of Bristol smashed a statue of Edward Colston, a 17th-century slave trader.

And just a week after doing so, the owners of Colston Hall, a concert venue in the city, began removing his name.

In a separate Telegraph column, Johnson said, “Let’s all fight racism together. But of course, it doesn’t hurt our heritage.”

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